Our Story

Why GreenSleeve?

GreenSleeve Surgicalâ„¢ Trocars

As healthcare expenditures continue to rise worldwide, healthcare treatment facilities are under increasing pressures to reduce supply costs.

Awareness of environmental issues have also become an essential element of healthcare management. Contaminated waste disposal is expensive and can be detrimental to the ecological balance.

GreenSleeve Surgicalâ„¢ Trocars provide solutions to both of these situations.

Many healthcare facilities use fully disposable trocars from large multinational manufactures with the associated disadvantages of high cost and significant waste.

We only manufacture in the U.S. utilizing premium materials and design, so there is no compromise in quality or pricing, allowing Operating Departments to spend less per procedure!

Our reposable technology provides fully autoclavable and reusable metal-free cannulas, with only an optical obturator and seal requiring disposal.

This system allows for a reduction of waste by up to 70%* as our packaging is all recycled or fully recyclable; this means a more sustainable approach and greater Environmental Responsibility.

*waste reduction by weight