The Medical Industry and Plastic

Plastic bags, plastic water bottles, plastic toys, plastic plates, plastic automobile parts…there are not many industries that do not utilize the benefits of plastic and the Medical Industry is no exception. The use of plastic in the Medical Industry helps improve safety, infection control and lowers costs for hospitals and patients..  Plastic was first invented over a century ago but it wasn’t until the 1960’s that its versatility was discovered and it started to become common place in many industries.  The application of plastic has grown, changed and adapted with the needs of these industries and even after more than 100 years, it is still utilized as one of the top materials in the world.

With  GreenSleeve Surgical™ Trocars, our reposable technology provides fully autoclavable and reusable metal-free cannulas, with only an optical obturator and seal requiring disposal. Our cannula and cap are guaranteed for use in a minimum of 100 surgical procedures, this means 1 cannula replaces at least 100* single use cannulas, removing a minimum of 99 single use sleeves from landfills. This reduction in medical waste will have a positive impact on the amount of plastic waste produced by laparoscopic surgical procedures.

As the ecological needs of our world continue to change, so should our manufacturing practices. By choosing to utilize the versatile properties of plastic in a more responsible manner and as result,  GreenSleeve Surgical offers a quality surgical product for good patient care, decreases health care facilities’ costs per procedure and creates a smaller environmental footprint from single use plastics.

*testing has shown our engineered thermoplastic material can be autoclaved 5-10 times the guaranteed amount without compromise to the quality and integrity of the product.

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